Love in a Mist (Nigella damascena)

This mysterious plant was identified by Mme Labonte. Thank you!


beth said...

Hi Lindafay~
Thanks for commenting over at my place, I just love your Nature Journal blog here, beautiful!

hmmmm... I have no idea what this flower is. It reminds me of a passion flower though, wonder if it could be related? hmmmm...;)

Mme Labonte said...

This looks like Love-in-a-Mist, the latin name is Nigella damascena. The seeds can be used to repel insects from your stored clothing and are also edible.

This is lovely! I just stopped in for a quick peek, but I will return often to quench my "nature thirst" (to borrow your perfect phrase for that longing of city dwellers to connect with living things).

the amateur naturalists said...

mme labonte,

Oooh, you are right! Thank you so much. Our curiosity has been eating away at us. We will move it to the identified flowers and give you the credit, if you don't mind.

EdithHolden (wannabe)