Nature Trivia-Seeds

Seeds come in various forms.:

Helicopters- Maples, Elms, Ashes
Hitch hikers- Burdocks, Cockleburs, Beggar's Ticks
Parachutes- Dandelions, Milkweed, Thistles
Delectables- Apples, Cherries, Berries
Floaters- Coconuts, Cranberries, Lotuses
Missiles- Jewelweed, Witch hazel, Wood Sorrel


barb said...

I wanted to thank you for sharing this blog. I come here often and always walk away inspired. Your pictures, verses and nature tips are wonderful. I have posted about your blog on my own. I just had to share this treasure of yours with others. You can see the post here:

I hope you don't mind that I used one of your incredible pictures to introduce the blog. Again, thank you for sharing.


the amateur naturalists said...

We don't mind at all. Thank you for the encouragement!

You have a great blog, as well!