Nature Trivia- Teasel

The Fuller's Teasel was formerly widely used in textile processing, providing a natural comb for cleaning, aligning and raising the nap on fabrics, particularly wool... The dried flower heads were attached to spindles, wheels, or cylinders, sometimes called teasel frames, to raise the nap on fabrics (that is, to tease the fibers). By the 20th century, teasels were largely replaced by metal cards, which could be made uniform and do not require constant replacement as the teasel heads wear. However, some people who weave wool still prefer to use teasels for raising the nap, claiming that the result is better...
A number of medicinal properties claimed for the teasel, though not proven in medical trials:

Cure of Lyme Disease.
Improved circulation.
Cure for warts.
Eyewash (water collected in the cup formed by sessile leaves).

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