Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum)

Blooms in March and April.
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This Grape Hyacinth goes to seed in May.
Here hyacinths of heavenly blue
Shook their rich tresses to the morn.
- James Montgomery, The Adventure of a Star


Stacy (aussie in america) said...

We have some grape hyacinths in our yard. I love them. They are cute and pretty all at the same time. The first year we lived in this house I noticed a small patch of them and thought of them as they are everywhere!
Hope you are having a good day,

Elizabeth Joy said...


I just found your blog. It's lovely. I love all the flowers and creatures you have posted here. It's the kind of things I love. Come visit. I've just moved from You can see my old posts there. My new posts are now going to

Elizabeth JOy

P.S. We love grape hyacinths too. And we have sun spurge growing in a dry spot. Thank you for letting me know that that was called.