Wolf Spider?

“Arachne once, as poets tell,
A goddess at her art defied,
And soon the daring mortal fell
The hapless victim of her pride.

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Rhonda Devine said...

Yes, You're right--it is a wolf spider. I find these all the time when weeding in my vegetable patch. But what is really fascinating is when it's babies hatch out of that white egg sack. The babies will all stay on their mother's back and ride that way while small. Look for a wolf spider that has a bumpy looking back and touch it with a stick. You'll be amazed to watch the little spiders dance around! Thanks for the fascinating pictures--we love God's creation at our house and always looking for it!
As a side note, we checked out a BBC DVD at our local library entitled "Life in the Undergrowth". It is fascinating-all about insects--just tune out the evolutionary comments from time to time--the photography done will stun you and cause you to praise the Creator!