Nature Idea- Quick Bird feeder

Autumn is a great time to gather pine cones. You can smear natural peanut butter and/or leftover grease from cooking bacon or beef all around one and roll in a plate of mixed bird seed. Tie a string firmly to the top and hang it on a tree that can be viewed from a window in your home. Sprinkle a bit more seed on the ground below it. Don't forget to have your camera ready. If you don't have a pine cone, you can use a large tongue depressor (Popsicle stick) or just roll the fat into a ball and place inside a piece of plastic mesh from an onion bag. This suet is excellent for cold weather because it gives the birds needed energy and doesn't melt. These make nice crafts for autumn parties. Guests can make and take them home in baggies tied with colorful ribbon.
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Jenn4Him said...

We have plenty of pinecones! I'll just have to go get some bird seed. We hung a feeder for our woodpecker friends, but have not gotten around to our other birds yet. Good reminder. Thanks.

live4evermom said...

Love your blog.


Promise Christian Academy said...

I just saw your 'no child left inside'... where did you get that and can I swipe it? Is there more to it than just a thought provoking quote?
Hilda Rebecca

lindafay said...

Hilda Rebecca,
If you click on the pic, it takes you to my nature study posts at my other blog. Barb of Harmony Arts created it and gave permission to snatch it, so feel free to do so.